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Curious about the team at Partners in Grime? Take a look below to learn more about our special team members who are always dedicated to immaculate cleaning on your property!

Tracey Flerlage

Hi! My name is Tracey. I am the owner and founder of Partners in Grime Cleaning Company, and I started my journey as a cleaning professional in March 2017. I began my business because I am a disabled veteran, who utilizes a service dog, named Slider. During many interviews with corporate personnel, my dog would accompany me, and the main focus became my dog, a discussion of my disability, my reasons for having him; all of these are against the Americans with Disabilities Act. These people were not hiring me for the job based on the skills I could bring to the company; instead, my service dog hindered me regardless of my qualifications. 
I am passionate about this business. My first of three goals is to change the perception of how clients view employers with a service dog. Second, I strive to change the preconceived notions of the “typical cleaning service”. At Partners in Grime Cleaning Company, we want to charm and dazzle our clients on a regular basis! Finally, I plan to have the easiest, environmentally friendly process in town. We have exceptional communication skills with our team members and clients to ensure quality of our services. We use our detail-oriented skills in what we clean and clean what we promise at every single visit. We also send out a text reminder the day before to remind clients of their cleaning time and the assigned team, meaning who will come out to perform the assigned tasks.
If you want to see how our clients feel about our work, read our reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor. 
Thank you for being a valued customer and allowing us to serve you! After all, YOU are the reason we are in business!


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